Tuesday, January 5, 2010

out of my mind

I think it is safe to say that it is very sad, pathetic, and lonely that someone would spend countless hours on the internet perusing through personal ads and scrounging the web for something/someone arousing. Well, that certainly is what I feel like my life has gone to. I think that I seriously have a sexual addiction problem, but do not know the first thing to do to combat such an infatuation with sex.

Honestly, I stay up late jerking to hot porn, click through all the hot profiles on Adam4adam.com, and think about sex twenty billion times a day. I guess it is a known fact that men think of sex such stated amount each day, but when it becomes pervasive on my normal functioning, I think that there is a problem.

I don't get as much done, I am always tired, and most importantly, I am never satisfied.

It is especially more difficult being closeted. I have to sneak around, make up lies, and shield my screen from those who live around me. It is difficult to lead two lives completely separated, yet entirely effected by each other.

I want to get over my addiction, however, I do not know where to begin.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!!


  1. I also spend too much time on Adam4adam... I did it when I was in the closet, I'm still doing it now that I'm out of the closet. Unfortunately I have no words of wisdom. But I can tell you that you can get both hookups and dates from the place. I actually just had a date tonight with someone I found on Adam4adam and it wasn't half bad. :) Well, I hope you find your solution.

  2. I'm also addicted to porn and sex...lol, but the best way to not look at it, I think or not to spend any time with it is when I'm living my life, which is another way of saying when I'm out with friends for dinner, a party or whatever social. After social events I just feel very happy and content that I don't need to look at anything other than my life to feel gratified.

    I don't really try to avoid it though...