Monday, December 7, 2009

me, unplugged

So I do not really know what I want to achieve through this endeavor, but I think I need a place to vent what is on my mind so that I can possibly move on and live, what seems, a normal life. However, the events, consequences, and situations that I get into are an effect of who I am as a human being. Therefore, it is necessary to know a little about me, up to this point in time, to understand the stories I intend to share soon after.

I'm a 23 year-old college graduate with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing who currently still lives at home (with the family) and works full-time in the luxury retail industry. I realized that I have an sexual inclination towards other male peers when I was around 14 years-old. I was so shy and embarrassed that when it came to p.e. in my freshman year of high school, I would have to run to the bathroom stall to privately change into my gym shorts and tee while the rest of the class was undoing themselves in front of each other in the locker room.

I love everything pertaining to art, fashion, and music; which may be where others have categorized my sexual orientation. However, I also do love physical activities such as long-distance running, hitting the weights, and playing almost any recreational sport (for fun, I do not like to compete aggressively). I feel that I teeter more towards the artsy-side rather than the physical; thus leading people to conclude about my sexuality.

I think that I'm a normal guy with a natural fixation towards beauty and luxury in a very dark, and ugly world.

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