Friday, December 11, 2009

star struck

As serendipitous as life may be, I must say that I have run into 2 pornstars in my life.

The first was a long time ago at an Anaheim hotel. Apparently, there was a body building competition being hosted at the hotel and while I was walking in, this huge, buff, beautiful man was walking towards me. I could only stare at the gorgeous hunk, but in the back of my mind, I knew that I had seem him before. I cannot remember his name at this time, but once I find it, I will certainly update this post. After some intense digging, I realized that he is the perfectly sculpted Nate Christianson. Gorgeous is the only word to adequately describe this adonis.

The second was just this past week. I happened to just be working and standing on the salesfloor when this young, cute, latino stud approached me and my manager and asked us for the restaurant. I immediately directed him upstairs to the cafe without a second glance. Later, he and his mother, I presume, finished lunch and headed to the restrooms on my floor. As his mother was using the facilities, he was wandering around while I was just staring at him from afar. Granted I am not a stalker, but I was certain that I had seen this hotty before.

With some research, I have found him. Apparently, his name is AJ Irons on (or Fabian on Check him out because he is quite the stud. I am so sad to have missed the opportunity to be up close and personal with someone so famous. ;)

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