Wednesday, March 24, 2010

heart for love

I ripped this video off of
, but what an amazing song. He has certainly romanced me.

I have heard that romance is only for those who are poor. Well, I am neither rich nor poor, but I desperately believe in romance.

I believe that romance is, more importantly, the attainment of something that we hold most dearly and precious to our own personal existence. We are romanced by fragrances, movies, actions, images, thoughts, etc. There is no distinct definition for romance, but the existential belief that it exists in a materialistic world.

Closest to my heart is the romance of love, belonging, etc. There are so many, yet so little, words to describe the realism of romance for me. Sunday picnics at the park, bike rides during sunset, candle lit dinners across a table just wide enough for fingers to touch. Those are just some of the many things (I cannot think of a better word than "things") that encapsulate the fantasy of romance.

Cuddling in bed, legs intertwined, skin touching skin, hairs brushing past each other. (Notice not the mention of sex.) Romance is the embrace of nothing but what is the most basic necessity of living. And that is to love and be loved in the most affectionate way.

I am getting goose bumps as I write this, but that just goes to show the power and depth of romance. People say that romance is dead. I say that they have not found what romances them, yet.

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