Monday, March 29, 2010

"will you hold my hand like it's the end of the world?"...

Is it so hard to find someone who wants to...

...cuddle in bed with after a long day?

...share communal fries with at In-N-Out?

...text "i miss you" to?

...have awkward moments with?

...feel each others' hands like we've never seen one before?

...check each other out at the gym?

...give a real critique of underwear selection? away for a weekend, just to get away? a real friend?


  1. Ahhh shit.

    Goodluck on your quest man. I have high hopes that your brain will overcome it's moral dilemmas (sidenote - this also reinforces how poisonous religion can be) and you find equality, love and happiness.

    Peace =]

  2. I can't agree that religion is poisonous.

    As a child, the church was a wonderful device for discovering and becoming the person I am today. I am still somewhat religious in the way that I want to develop as a human being. I believe that God wants us all to live a good, morally conscious life that we can be proud of. In some aspects of that, I am lacking; however, isn't that the purpose of life? To learn from our mistakes, enjoy happiness, and pay it forward to those around us.

    I do concur on the hope of finding equality, love and happiness. To you as well.


  3. everyone is looking for these things, but underlaying all of this, is the fact that people are superficial and we choose our mates based on looks. everybody is complicit in this game, even you (i'm sure you can find someone who will do all of the above with you, but would you still want him if he was fat or ugly or old?). the truth is, we see in people what we want to see. we see beautiful people as having great personalities, and we look down on ugly people for being bad people. bottom line = if you want to find love, you should hit the gym. in this world, looks trump all else (except maybe money). work on these two things and everything else will fall into place.

  4. That above comment was pretty sad. Love can trump all, but it's easier to do when we are young and flexible with our lives and ways. We owe it to ourselve AND our partners to stay in shape, but only compared to our age group!

    There is a forgiving God, and he made us gay. Don't fight it, gay love is still love.

    BTW, I have met nice guys on CL also.


  5. Ran into this blog by way of a way of a... wondering if you're still around, still posting.